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What Our Students Say

My time at Distinction is quite fun and informative - The teacher is knowledgeable and explains thoroughly. The curriculum is very well thought out with extensive coverage on current affairs and global issues.

Seah Xin Yu


Nan Hua High School

April 2018


The teacher is Awesome! A caring teacher who has lots of experience and knowledge to share.The lessons are of high quality and very relevant to my daily life. It can be used appropriately in school. My time at Distinction has been great, very fruitful and enriching. My time spent is worthwhile as it really helps me in enriching my English language and my vocabulary. I am glad that I have chosen Distinction to pave my road to success!

Jordan Chang
Chung Cheng High School
April 2018

My English tuition experience at Distinction Tutorial School- 3 words to sum up my experience at Distinction! Fun, Engaging & Diverse! My teacher keeps up to the latest happenings around the world and organizes her lessons accordingly. This has helped to vastly expand my knowledge and kept me up to date. My perspectives on current affairs and global issues have certainly been enhanced. I am grateful for that! Despite a long 1O hours in school, I am still able to stay focused and attentive at Distinction due to variety of activities, attempt to engage each student and entertaining videos. Lively debates and visually-engaging lessons make the lessons come alive. This is idealistic - Having Fun while learning!

Xin Jia
April 2018

I joined Distinction in May 2017. I love attending classes at Distinction. Teacher is very energetic and passionate; lessons are challenging ― infusion of engaging elements through fun and interactive activities. Distinction’s curriculum provides many platforms for self-discovery and personal enrichment. Distinction prepared me well for my school exams with extra curriculum ― more than what my school teaches!

Sylvester To
P5 Ace in English
November 2017


I believe there is something magical about Distinction―My 2 kids are so drawn to the center. I was highly recommended to Distinction by my university classmate at the year-end university-alumni gathering. I was scouting for a tuition center for English and Social Studies to prepare for my son’s O Level exam and my daughter for Lower Secondary - Language Arts and History. Their grades have been mediocre in school. Both joined Distinction in March 2017 and after attending Distinction, they have improved by leaps and bounds in their mid-year examination. Distinction’s tutors are always engaging and they go above and beyond the call of duty to teach with passion, commitment and excellence. The tutors taught them the necessary skills to overcome the challenges in their examinations! Thanks Distinction!

Mrs June Lee
Parent of Josiah and Jolene
November 2017


I have been struggling with Literature throughout secondary 1and 2. I did badly for my mid-year Literature paper ….just 1 digit!! I was devastated indeed! I believed NO tuition centre can help me! At such an untimely and stressful juncture, I decided to seek help at Distinction - highly recommend by my primary private home tutor, I joined Distinction in August 2017. Joining Distinction is the right choice indeed! My English grades improved with Distinction’s effective learning techniques. Distinction’s teacher is very patient and guided me through whenever I am in doubt. Surprising even myself, my Literature grades improved from 1 digit to 2 digits! Distinction had helped me achieve my academic goals. Thank you Distinction!

Ngee Siang
Secondary 2 – The Writing Room
November 2017



Highly recommended by my mum’s friend, I joined Distinction for Ace in English and Social Studies in March 2017. Ever since, I have gained considerable confidence in these two subjects. Distinction’s teacher displayed tremendous dedication and extramural excellence, which fueled my passion for learning. My Social Studies’ score has improved from F9 to A1 for which is a tremendous feat given a short time frame at Distinction! Distinction has well surpassed my expectations!

Josiah Lee
O level student
November 2017


Joining Distinction has deepened my thinking and broadened my perspective on various issues. Not only have I expanded my vocabulary, I have also picked up essential comprehension strategies and effective techniques in preparing for my A level examinations. Lessons are lively, engaging and content rich, with good coverage of general knowledge and current affairs. Appreciate the dedication, guidance and valuable advice from Distinction’s GP tutor. I would highly recommend students who struggled with GP to join Distinction!

Ng Shuen Jin
Hwa Chong Junior College
Distinction GP student
November 2017


My son looks forward to tuition every weekend at Distinction. He enjoys the open communication the teacher instill within the classroom by encouraging students to participate actively on current affairs discussions such as environmental, arts, social and cultural issues. Teachers at Distinction are patience, inspiring and knowledgeable, delivering a quality of enriching activities that I simply could not find elsewhere. The teachers assess my son’s weakness from his school’s assignment and will also discuss with me how they will help my son to reinforce and revise with him at home. Thanks Distinction! You have engaged my son with a fun environment and igniting his passion in learning!

Mrs June
Parent of Jun Yong
P5 – English, Maths, Science and Chinese
November 2017

I was attending English tuition at a reputable tuition centre. Mummy decided to register me for English tuition at Distinction in June 2016, after hearing raving reviews about Distinction from friends. Initially, I was quite reluctant but my first lesson at Distinction was thrilling compared to the former tuition centre I have attended! I look forward to lessons at Distinction every week. The teacher engaged a variety of fun activities and learning methodologies. I like spelling bee, Show and Tell, Travel around the World activities. Not only I have expanded my vocabulary, I have improved my writing skills too! Every Sunday, I found it inspiring to share my classroom experience with my parents after lessons over lunch. I love Distinction!

Chong Jun Kai
Primary 2 – Ace in English
November 2017



I trusted this place because my experience with this tuition centre has been very good for the past few years. After attending Distinction Tutorial School, I find myself having much more understanding of the topics of my subjects and it is much easier to revise and study and I will definitely recommend Distinction Tutorial School to all students who need help in their studies.

Matthias Chan, ACJC

Enrolled from Primary 5, Math & Science


Once I come to Distinction Tutorial School, I learn a lot of critical thinking skills and thinking skills that you need to write the essays and comprehension questions you write for General Paper. When I came to JC it wasn’t such a big leap as the IP language programme has already prepared me for General Paper. 

Anita, National Junior College

Enrolled from Secondary 2, IP Programme
JC2 General Paper Programme

Distinction makes learning fun! Students interact freely with the teachers who truly care for the students, above and beyond their academic performance. My learning journey at Distinction is a memorable one – filled with laughter, peer support and teachers’ encouragement – creating an experience that lasts a lifetime. If I had to summarise my experience that I had at Distinction in one word, it would be : “Worthwhile”

Megan Lai, Secondary 4, Peirce Secondary School
Enrolled in Primary and Secondary English, Mathematics and Science
Distinction’s student since 2008 (Primary 2)
October 2016


Distinction makes learning fun! Students interact freely with the teachers who truly care for the students, above and beyond their academic performance. My learning journey at Distinction is a memorable one – filled with laughter, peer support and teachers’ encouragement – creating an experience that lasts a lifetime. If I had to summarise my experience that I had at Distinction in one word, it would be : “Worthwhile”

Megan Lai, Secondary 4, Peirce Secondary School
Enrolled in Primary and Secondary English, Mathematics and Science
Distinction’s student since 2008 (Primary 2)
October 2016


Cayden joins Distinction in March 2016. I came to know about Distinction through the grapevine of parents looking for competent English tuition centres. Fun and interactive teaching methodology! He has definitely benefitted from his teacher’s patient guidance. He is more confident in expressing his thoughts and penning them down on paper. We are elated that he enjoys lesson with Miss Chiew and looks forward to class every week! Thank you Distinction! I am glad that I have made the right choice and thanks to Miss Chiew, a dedicated and committed teacher, she has inspired and ignite passion in my child’s learning journey!

Mrs Chong, Parent of Primary 1 Student
Enrolled in Language Focus
October 2016



The Integrated English Program at Distinction is well tailored to meet the needs of students in the Integrated Programme. It not only helped me achieve my first overall A1 for the English exam, but also cultivated in me a greater appreciation of the beauty of the English Language. Thank you Distinction!

Ann Lung, Hwa Chong Institution
Formerly from Nanyang Girls’ High School


I have often heard raving reviews about Distinction, but I was only truly convinced after enrolling my daughter, Wai Han for its programmes. Wai Han joined Distinction since Primary 5 taking Chinese and English and has gained considerable confidence in these subjects. The teachers are encouraging, passionate and patient. I am impressed with the concepts delivered and I have complete trust in Distinction. It's important for Wai Han to have a solid foundation because it guarantees a lifetime of benefits. With a strong foundation in place, Wai Han has consistently been scoring good grades throughout her learning journey at Distinction.

Mrs Seetoh, Daughter Wai Han
Enrolled in Secondary Chinese, English and Science
October 2016


Zi Jie enjoys his lessons at Distinction! He always shares with me that his teacher, Miss Chiew is always cheerful and kind-hearted, and she showers her students with lots of love and encouragement. In addition to the conducive environment, I am also extremely satisfied with the English curriculum. Zi Jie is taught comprehension strategies and specific writing techniques, which enable him to digest and understand concepts more readily. As a parent, I am heartened to know that my child is in good hands and am confident that he will be able to shine academically and beyond.

Mrs Loh, Parent of Zi Jie, Primary 2 Student

Enrolled in Language Focus

October 2016

Distinction Tutorial School got me really interested in the English Language. I was not a consistent performer for General Paper, always managing sub-par Bs, but the GP lessons at Distinction taught me how to tackle the Comprehension paper, write spot-on answers for the Application Question as well as craft essays with both breadth and depth. All these helped me score “A” for my General Paper in the ||A|| level. Moreover, the interesting lessons have certainly shaped my world view on many crucial topics. Thank you Distinction!

Austin Seck
Enrolled in Secondary English, JC General Paper
Distinction’s student from 2012 to 2015


I am deeply impressed by the passion and enthusiasm demonstrated by Distinction‘s Teachers. They are patient and professional, and have inspired my son to enjoy every tuition lessons with great enthusiasm. He joined Distinction since Primary 3 till Junior College. Distinction has well surpassed my expectations. Thank you Distinction!

Mrs Tan, Son at SAJC
Enrolled in Primary and Secondary English, Mathematics and Science,
JC Mathematics, Chemistry and General Paper
Distinction’s student from February 2006 to November 2015


Tuition with Mr Ng gave me the much needed confidence boost for Economics. Mr Ng teaches Economics in a very targeted manner. Under his tutelage, my grade for economics improved tremendously over a short period of time and also nurture my love for Economics. In addition, he always encouraged students do their best with many witty anectodes and life lessons. He cares a lot about our progress and identify our weakness and gives valuable advice to each of us. He willingly sacrifices his own free time to go the extra mile to help students understand more, and all his students appreciates his efforts genuinely. Regardless of our eventual grades for A Levels, I believe all of us will not regret joining his tuition classes and would definitely recommend anyone in desperate need of Economics first-aid!

Lee Wen Xin, Victoria Junior College
Enrolled in JC Chemistry and Economics
Distinction’s student from 2014 to 2015


Joined Distinction for 8 months and I scored an A grade for Chemistry at the A level exam (originally D grade!) The course was well-structured and there was ample practice. My tutor always clarified our doubts, using analogies to help us understand the concepts better.

Chew Xueli
National University of Singapore
Formerly from National Junior College