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Secondary Biology Tuition Bishan

Distinction conducts secondary biology tuition for students. Students will study four main themes: Principles of Biology, Maintenance and Regulation of Life Processes, Continuity of Life, Man and His Environment. The classes promote active engagement between students and tutors, whereby the students are encouraged to try, so as to raise confidence. The tutors will also introduce scientific problems to show students the optimal ways to resolve them.

During the regular secondary biology tuition classes, students will learn how to tackle multiple choice questions (Paper 1) efficiently. As for structured and free response questions (Paper 2) segment, students will be taught ways to phrase their answers and use specific key terms to maximise the marks that can be obtained. The tutors will review the answers of students and suggest ways to improve on their approach. Hence, consistent practice and revision will enable students to score for the secondary biology examination.

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For more information about our Academic Year 2017 schedule, please call us at 6258 6791 or check out our class schedule.

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