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Underline the key words in the question and think up of a plot that will fit the title given. The main idea conveyed by the title must be present. For example, to the title “Exploitation”, the story must be about a person / some people who were treated most unfairly. “Addiction” should feature the protagonist seriously hooked on a compulsive habit or substance.


Introduction – Give the setting, meaning the time and place of events as well as introduce the main characters. You may begin your introduction using one of the following ways:

  1. dialogue
  2. character description
  3. dramatic action
  4. shock treatment
  5. mood /atmosphere eg. spookiness, tension, conflict/confrontation, romance, joy, sadness etc
  6. scene description
  7. place description
  8. direct statement

Complication – Quickly introduce the problem / obstacle / difficulty faced by the main characters in the story. Through the introduction of a new character or a new event, move the story on, causing the desired emotion to be aroused in the readers to be even more pronounced.

Climax – Emotionally, the most intense part of the story. It could be the most touching, the most dangerous, the saddest or most tragic or the funniest.

Resolution – The part where the writer decides how the problem(s) faced by the main characters is/are resolved. There should be a satisfactory ending to all that had happened in the story.

Use of direct speech

Dialogue crafted should be spontaneous and natural with contractions and proper dialogue carriers. There should be a new paragraph whenever a different person speaks.


Use of abundant sensory details

appeal to the readers’ sense of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell through concrete details.

Clear description of characters’ thoughts and emotions

Plot units should keep moving and not become a drag

Narration should be in the past tense. Dialogue will depend on the circumstances.