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Essay Analysis

  1. Argumentative
  2. Descriptive
  3. Split focus
  4. Money = Religion of the 21st century

Essay Planning Procedure:

Stage 1 (Defining / Clarifying Terms and Generating Ideas)

A. Defining / Clarifying of Key Words in Qn.

In this stage, you define terms and explore the meanings of key expressions in the question in order to clarify issue/s at hand.

Defining, clarifying and exploring the meanings of key words in the question will help you generate ideas and establish a framework for discussion.

It is common for students to be impatient and try to answer the question without first understanding the implications of the key words in the question. They risk going off on a tangent or worse still, produce a totally irrelevant composition.


Money is a medium of exchange

a currency for purchase of materials goods

a yardstick for success

the motivational power behind the capitalist system

the Religion

  • “the religion” not “a religion” – it implies dominance over other belief systems
  • a system of worship and adoration
  • a means of obtaining transcendence in life
  • a motivational force in life, even the very life purpose

21st Century

  • a century of unprecedented advancement in science and technology
  • globalisation – high speed communication and travel