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What if we told you that the key to scoring A’s starts with acing organisational skills? Would you believe us?

There is no reason not to. Numerous empirical studies have established a correlation between how organised a person is and her productivity. By being able to get more done in less time, students would be better equipped to juggle those 8-10 subjects they are studying for and, of course, call it a day earlier to rest their tired minds.

Maintaining a study desk at Marie Kondo standards would surely get the kids firing on all cylinders. But if you don’t believe in going to the extremes, these simple organisational tips are good enough to spark a clear mind and potential A-grades on the horizon.

Daily Planner

With a glut of tests, project deadlines, tuition classes and CCA activities peppering the academic year ahead, it would be difficult to keep track of all of them without a handy planner. By getting one, you can start inculcating in them the habit of being responsible for their own schedules and important dates or tasks will never be forgotten.

Even better, take advantage of your tech savviness and use one of the many organisational apps available for download. Whether it is the basic Google calendar or the myriad of others available on iTunes and Google Play stores, the timely reminders will ensure that all academic affairs will be adequately prepared for in advance. Additionally, it makes a great platform to list down subtasks –baby steps that would lead to the completion of the main objective.

Isn’t being in the know so much better than having to hear reminders from classmates or teachers only the day before an exam?


Minimalist Desk

There is some truth to how an uncluttered desk breeds a uncluttered mind. Outside of school, significant time would be spent at the home desk. It may be difficult to remain at your productive best for having to wake up at 5.30am every morning, but keeping a clean, highly organised work desk is a great organic means to usher a second wind.

Take a cue from home décor inspiration pages and opt for white desks. Then, keep only the bare necessities on it: a laptop, table lamp and magazine folders to contain important materials. Everything else goes into drawers and shelving units.

Consider standing desks too. They are usually height adjustable and are scientifically proven to bring about health benefits such as backache relief and better productivity. Therefore, it really wouldn’t hurt to get up from the chair occasionally, pull up the tabletop and work standing for 15-20 minutes. You might be surprised at how a simple tweak like this can keep you mugging with vigor.


Colour Coded Folders

There is a reason why each of your teachers asked you to pick a colour for the subject file. It is more than just about your favourite colour. In fact, colour coding has been a highly effective strategy to declutter messes in the various areas of lifestyle.

Go one step further and insert coloured tabs to separate personal notes, worksheets and test papers. Instead of wasting precious minutes to hunt down that particular material that suddenly went ‘missing’, you can now pick anything out at a glance and focus on the task that matters.

Digital Notes

Things get lost in the shuffle, quite literally. For at least once during your school days, you must have endured a good chiding from your teacher when you submitted a crumpled worksheet because it looked like –according to your teacher—giam chye (preserved vegetables).

It’s already 2017, and the technological revolution is at its peak yet. Whatever that can be digitalised, digitalise it. For example, those written notes that you have been making on foolscap papers and then chucked into a folder or organised on Dropbox can be done on smart devices. It also makes it easier for all those on-the-go study sessions.

Stationery Shopping

A slick stationery set to students is what firearms and ammo are to soldiers. You would need it to attack piles of homework and the day ahead. Since these essentials would be used on a daily basis, invest in the very best to start the new school year right. By the best we don’t mean Swarovski crystal pens, but a functional blue or black inked ballpoint that glides easily across paper. Other things needed to complete the set is a mechanical pencil, eraser, ruler and a couple of highlighters. Of course, you would need a solid pencil case to house them, so go for one that features an emblazoned logo of your favourite sports team.

With cool stationeries at your disposal, you may find yourself more motivated to do diligent note taking on each lesson.

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