" /> Holiday 2018 – Vacations are here!

Vacations are here!

Exams are almost done and holidays are around the corner. We look at five interesting educational things you can do with your children this vacation period. Often, we do not give time to relish some of the unique culture and places around us. Here is a chance.
1.Ethnic Quarters

Singapore is a melting pot of people from races and cultures spanning the globe. Our main ethnicities include Chinese, Indians and Malays, and their heritage can be found around Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam. Bring your children out for a walk around each area, comparing the different types of architecture, places of worship, food stalls and colourful shops. The Chinese temples, incense scents and yummy dim sum stalls in Chinatown, along with traditional Chinese medicine shops will give you many items to discuss with your children and fuel their curiosity. The beautiful colours and smells of spices that emanate from the stalls around Little India are definitely a feast for the senses. Bring your children around the intricately designed temple towers with all their carved animals and different gods. Stop for a thosai and a lassi after your day of walking around Tekka market. Kampong Glam is home to many old shops that still sell toys from days gone by. Bring your children around the markets and see the traditional baju kurung outfits worn by Malay women and then stop for a meal of satay and ketupats.
2.Visit a farm
Yes, you read correctly. There are farms in Singapore! Farm art Centre, Bollywood Veggies, Hay Dairy Farms and Khai Seng Fish Farm are some interesting places to visit. Learn about agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry and even how to milk a goat. Hands-on activities offered at these places will definitely give children something to reminisce.
3.Playeum’s ‘Going Play-ces’

Playeum’s Children’s Centre for Creativity in Gillman Barracks is organizing a hands-on fun exhibition for kids aged one to 12 throughout the month of November. They can explore new places through various landscapes and learn about plastic pollution. The exhibition drives home important social messages – the necessity of creativity and play in 21st century learning skills, the need for sustainability and the impact children have as young citizens to respond to the challenges of the world we live in.
4.Take it outside
Children can get excited about water sports or even a family fishing trip at Pasir Ris Park, Changi Beach Park and Punggol Park. Organize a light picnic to sustain your day out in the sunshine. If the little ones have too much energy to expend, take them to the playground or head to the bicycle kiosks. Flat terrains make it perfect for kids who are only starting to learn how to skate or ride. Narrate to your children the stories of the infamous Sook Ching Massacre, which happened in Changi. End your day with a BBQ at one of the many BBQ pits available for rent around the parks.
5.Bumboat Ride
Take your children out on the water through a scenic bumboat ride on the Singapore River. There is much history to be learned here as well. Like how the river was cleaned up in 1977 and cost almost S$300 million and relocated about 4000 people. The statues found along the river, such as ones of hawkers and buffalos, depict the life of the people in those days.
We wish all our students a very happy vacation and hope you all did well in your exams. Stay tuned for our upcoming holiday programs to get your children ready for the new year.