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Meet GP superstar Ms. Aletheia Chan, specialist teacher with over two decades of experience coaching Secondary and Junior College students, and published author with Marshall and Cavendish for the Just Write series of Composition guides for Lower and Upper Secondary levels, as well as for the Integrated Programme.


Ms. Aletheia Chan, GP Specialist Teacher

Ms.Chan heads the General Paper essays boot camp, set to take place on the 28th and 29th of November, and again on the 28th and 29th of December. This workshop will take you through rigorous practice to craft well-thought out, balanced answers for the trickiest of General Paper questions.

Many of Ms. Chan’s former students have gone on to win prestigious scholarships and make their mark in their fields of expertise.

We sat down with Ms. Chan to give you an idea of what her class has to offer, and how it would benefit all students who wish to ace the General Paper.

Can you give us an outline of what to expect in your GP class, and topics/themes that would be addressed? 

We will be focussing on Socio-cultural issues such as work, gender, family, youth, and elderly issues.

Students will be taught:

  • The Stem and Branch method of analysis
  • QTK question analysis: Question words, Topic words and Key words analysis
  • Architecture of the GP essay
  • Introduction, thesis statement and topic sentences
  • Logical fallacies
  • Critical questioning.

Why is it important to be aware of current socio-cultural issues, and how does its discussion bring value to our lives? How would these skills extend outside the classroom, and do you perceive it as an important life skill?

Thinking through socio-cultural issues better enables students to navigate the evolving and complex world that we live in. In exploring matters brought up, students are exposed to crucial issues from various angles. They also develop inquiring skills and broader-mind set, which will pave the way for wiser decision making abilities. 

It is certainly a critical life skill to be had for all as it gives a sense of clarity and balance.

Would it be safe to say that a student who is a high scorer in other subjects would have no problem scoring well in GP? Why would good students need to be coached as well?

Guiding students to think out of the box and inspiring and challenging them to be well-balanced thinkers and writers is part of what this workshop is about. It is not enough to be well-read to ace a General Paper, you need to be equipped with the art of turning your thoughts and acquired knowledge into well-crafted responses.  It is about expanding one’s vista, and honing of reasoning and writing skills; hence it will benefit all students.

Is there a unique method or approach you impart to students?

For the composition and essay writing component, it is the Stem and Branch method – identifying the central axis of arguments that cut through the essay, versus the secondary branches of ideas for illustration.

For Comprehension, it is enlarging the students’ lexicon for accurate paraphrase, accurate identification of question types, and answering skills.

Get ready for the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the world of critical thinking, where your ideas and thoughts meet pen and paper and result in a perfect synchronization of well-rounded written opinions.

You will be coached by a teacher who loves her students and has a passion for GP as well as the creative arts.

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