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Tuition Programme Class schedule

We understand that students can be occupied with many activities in school and outside. They may be faced with challenges in juggling between studies and non-academic activities. Therefore, tutors of Distinction Tutorial School have prepared a comprehensive schedule that will ensure that students have options to choose from.  Students who enroll in Distinction Tutorial School can find out more details about the class schedule for the primary, secondary and JC tuition programme and choose the appropriate time-slots and an optimal study plan.

Primary Tuition Programmes at Bishan

Students joining our primary tuition programmes can get their foundation strong with our primary English tuition, primary Math tuition and primary Science tuition. Students can check the latest time-slots that are offered by the primary tutors at the Bishan tuition centre.

Secondary Tuition Programmes at Bishan

Students who enrol in the secondary tuition classes can check the class schedule for the list of programmes conducted at Distinction Tutorial School. Tutors conduct secondary english tuition, secondary Chinese tuition, secondary math tuition, lower secondary science tuition, secondary physics tuition, secondary chemistry tuition, secondary biology tuition, secondary humanities tuition, and principle of accounts (poa tuition).

JC Tuition Programmes at Bishan

Students can find out more about JC tuition classes offered at this Bishan tuition centre, as shown in the class schedule. Students can enrol in the GP, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics tuition. The JC tutors are committed in providing quality education to help students improve their grades and achieve success at the A Level examination.

Class Schedules are subject to changes without prior notice.
Updated : 08 Jan 2020

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