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About Distinction Tutorial School

Distinction Tutorial School offers premier academic tuition services and enrichment programmes for Primary, Secondary and Junior college levels. Distinctively student-centric, thousands of students have enrolled in Distinction since its inception in 1993. Many have since graduated with scholarships from prestigious local and foreign universities and are highly successful in both their personal and professional lives.

Our vision is to empower students with knowledge, critical thinking skills and creativity for their academic success and to be change agents. Distinction provides a welcoming environment for students to stretch their intellect through interactive and stimulating classroom sessions where teachers relate content to real life experiences.

With a rich experience of two decades in the area of supplementary education, Distinction provides a conducive environment that consistently engages and challenges the student to attain greater academic successes, shape their core skills and more importantly develop a love for learning.

We respect the uniqueness of each student and believe that he/she should be equipped with knowledge and critical thinking skills. We aim to challenge each one to reach greater heights in a warm, supportive and welcoming environment.

Our Vision

Empower students with knowledge, creative and critical thinking skills to become change agents.


Our Mission

To provide a welcoming environment for our students to be supported and stretched through an age-appropriate, interactive and deep-processing curriculum in the respective subject domains.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity is paramount
  • Respect begets respect
  • Everything can and must be better
  • Teaching and Learning can really be fun
  • Excellent educational service can be affordable.