Lower Sec Science Tuition Bishan - Lower Secondary Science Tuition Centre in Bishan Singapore
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Lower Secondary Science Tuition Bishan

Our Secondary Science tuition focuses on enhancing the understanding of higher degree Science theories combined with practical application of the concepts. The curriculum based on MOE syllabus is enriched with colourful presentations, videos and illustrations that make learning interesting and inspiring.

Sec 1 and 2 students will be taught by experienced tutors who focus on the reinforcement of science-related concepts, so that they have a strong foundation that is essential when they advance to upper secondary level. Students will learn how to observe basic science practical experiments and draw conclusions from the results. The application of scientific skills will be developed under the guidance of our tutors.

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For more information about our Academic Year 2017 schedule, please call us at 6258 6791 or check out our class schedule.

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