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Holiday 2018 – Vacations are here!

Vacations are here! Exams are almost done and holidays are around the corner. We look at five interesting educational things you can do with your children this vacation period. Often, we do not give time to relish some of the unique culture and places around us. Here...
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Diwali 2018 – The Hindu festival of lights

Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights, will be celebrated on 6th of November this year. The festival is also called Diwali by people from north of India. It symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. It is...
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Common English Mistakes

The little red and green squiggles that line our typed sentences have sent us into a time where bad spelling and grammar are becoming more evident. It’s so easy now to just type without actually thinking about accuracy, because our computer works it out for us....
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International Red Panda Day 2018

All pandas are black and white aren’t they? Hmm…. No. The 15th of September 2018 marks International Red Panda day. These furry rust-coloured creatures are often out shadowed by their black and white cousins, the giant pandas. They are related to the raccoon, which...
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College Essay

Imagine if you had 60 seconds to convince the head of admissions at your dream school that you were the ideal candidate and a perfect fit. What would you say? Would you just simply list the achievements that you’ve accomplished, speaking as fast as you could in order...
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English, the language of the future

“What language do you speak in Singapore?” Have you ever been asked this question? In a country that is home to a myriad of races, nationalities, ethnicities, religions and cultures, have you ever wondered why English is our primary language? Singapore started off...
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Distinction wishes you a Happy Youth Day 2018

The United Nations marked the 12th of August as a day to celebrate youth in 1999. It was introduced to recognize the contributions of young people to peace efforts around the globe. Every year, there is a theme that accompanies the celebrations and this year, it is...
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Singapore National Day 2018: Story of the Island’s Birth

National day is just around the corner but how many of us remember the story of our little island’s birth? Celebrated on the 9th of August every year, National Day commemorates our independence from Malaysia in 1965, 2 years after the British left their sovereignty...
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International Tiger Day 2018

The 29th of July marks International Tiger Day this year, a day to celebrate these majestic striped cats. Did you know that an adult male tiger can weigh up to 363kg? That makes them the biggest cats in the world! They are usually solitary hunters and are excellent...
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Everyone Has an Accent

Haven’t you ever wondered, how weird it is that although almost everyone from almost every country today can speak some English – none of us really sound the same, even though it’s the same language? For example, English from an Australian is different from that of an...
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Notes on writing an argumentative essay

Notes on writing an narrative essay

Notes on writing an expository essay

Notes on writing a descriptive essay

The goal of descriptive writing is to paint a vivid word picture either to inform or to entertain. The focus of the description could be person / people, thing(s), place or experience. A good description allows the readers to visualize and hence engage in a vicarious experience. Consider the following examples written by some well known professional writers:



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