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‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ Can written language really be so powerful?

Mao Zedong, the Chinese statesman, leader and hardheaded realist of Communist China, is perhaps most remembered for his belief that ‘Power flows from the barrel of the gun.’ In this one succinct quote, Mao encapsulated the derisive view which anti-intellectuals and...
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Should poorer countries develop their tourist industry when the basic needs of their people are not met?

The forces of globalization in the 21st century have led to vastly improved and increased opportunities for the economic environment and tourist industries of poor countries worldwide. For many, conventional wisdom holds that tourism is the silver bullet that helps...
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Student Essay: Acceptance

Bee Chin clutched the flimsy piece of paper in one hand while searching for the familiar kasot manek (peranakan bead slippers). Since young she had learnt to identify her mother, be it through the heavy crowd during the Great Singapore Sale or the Sunday bustle of...
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Student Essay: There’s a Price Tag to Everything

The day I dreaded most had come. Pulling the blanket over my head to block out the blinding sunlight streaming into my room, I could hear Mother nagging at me : “Remember Casey, if you don’t score above 260, you’re not to step out of this house until holidays are...
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Describing a Place

“The Ridley Place jutted into a sharp curve beyond our house. Walking south, one faced its porch; the sidewalk turned and ran beside the lot. The house was low, was once white with a deep front porch and green shutters, but had long ago darkened to the colour of...
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What is expected of a distinction grade argumentative essay?

In terms of Arguments Engage the issues raised in the question Demonstrate understanding of the controversial nature of the issues at hand Give local, regional and global examples, both current and/or historical Write cogently and logically with a balanced, mature and...
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Money is the religion of the 21st Century outline

Essay Analysis Argumentative Descriptive Split focus Money = Religion of the 21st century Essay Planning Procedure: Stage 1 (Defining / Clarifying Terms and Generating Ideas) A. Defining / Clarifying of Key Words in Qn. In this stage, you define terms and explore the...
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Describing a Person

Here’s a description by the well-loved children’s author Roald Dahl: ” Mr Twit was one of these very hairy-faced men. The whole of his face except for his forehead, his eyes and his nose, was covered with thick hair. The stuff even sprouted in...
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Stages in Writing an Argumentative Essay

Stage Defining / Clarifying Terms and Generating Ideas Defining / Clarifying of Key Words in the essay question Generating / Brainstorming ideas Stage Sorting & Organising for Relevance Assess relevance of points which you have brainstormed vis a vis the question....
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Expository writing is meant to inform the reader by presenting facts and explaining ideas

Organization Introduction Interesting Opening Transition Sentence (Sentence that ties the opening to what you really want to discuss in the thesis statement) Thesis Statement (In one succinct statement, state the main points or general direction of your essay) Body...
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Notes on writing an argumentative essay

Notes on writing an narrative essay

Notes on writing an expository essay

Notes on writing a descriptive essay

The goal of descriptive writing is to paint a vivid word picture either to inform or to entertain. The focus of the description could be person / people, thing(s), place or experience. A good description allows the readers to visualize and hence engage in a vicarious experience. Consider the following examples written by some well known professional writers:



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