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JC Biology Tuition, Bishan

Distinction conducts JC Biology Tuition classes that will expand the students’ understanding of biology-related concepts and facilitate the cultivation of answering methods, so that they can meet the A Level Biology examination requirements. Students will learn four core ideas: The Cells and Biomolecules of Life, Genetics and Inheritance, Energy and Equilibrium, and Biological Evolution. The tutors will cover these four themes separately, with in-depth emphasis on the chapters, so that students can reinforce their revision of concepts and processes.

During the JC Biology Tuition programme, students will learn how to tackle Multiple Choice questions via timed practices to develop the efficient thinking and answering skills. Also, the tutors will conduct class practices to guide students through the structured and free response questions. Throughout the classes, students will refine their experimental skills and integrate their knowledge to handle the challenges of A Level Biology.

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