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The Science Bridging Programme – Primary 6 to Secondary 1

Our Secondary 1 Head Start programme introduces basic concepts and theories at Secondary level, giving your child the confidence for a strong foundation.

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The Art of Writing Workshop

Did you dream of your child writing a drama script or develop proficiency in crafting poetry effectively or create their own portfolio of work?

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Primary 6 to Secondary 1 Bridging Course

The Bridge Course specially tailormade for Primary6 students to transit smoothly to Secondary level is fun, engaging and gives you a head start to get to know the new Secondary syllabus.

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Be Precocious! Write well, Right from the Start!


Art of Writing and Writing Room programmes for Secondary  and Primary  Students respectively to write with Enthusiasm and to become a Confident Writer.


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Distinctively Student-Centred


Our tutors are committed to maximising the learning potential of all students.


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Empowering inquisitive learners

Build a strong foundation in your education with our comprehensive Primary, Secondary and JC tuition classes

Our Tuition Programmes

Have a headstart in 2018

Our 2018 classes are ready for registration.

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Who We Are

Distinction Tutorial School offers premier academic tuition and enrichment programmes for Primary, Secondary and Junior college levels. With a high quality curriculum and dedicated teachers, Distinction makes tireless efforts to make every student attain greater heights in academic excellence in a warm, supportive and welcoming environment. Situated next to the Bishan Bus Interchange and MRT Station, students can enjoy convenient and quick access to the tuition centre.

Our Programmes

Distinction Tutorial School provides primary, secondary and JC tuition for students who aspire for academic success in their educational journey. Our experienced tutors will kindle the interest in the subject and make learning enjoyable. The exam-oriented tuition programme reinforces conceptual understanding and skills application thereby enabling students to acquire proficiency to handle examinations.

Teaching Methodology

We believe in professional and methodical teaching.  We focus on engaging the students through clear, direct teaching of concepts, reinforcements through practices and guided inquiry. Teachers relate content to real life experiences. Using information technology effectively through interactive classroom discussions, we develop creative, critical thinking and oral skills.

As a whole,  Distinction strives to create an environment that consistently engages, ensuring that every lesson delivered to their students is relevant, challenging and enjoyable.

Primary Tuition

At Distinction, our Primary English, Math and Science tuition programs are designed to provide a broad range of learning experience that instil a desire to learn. In these formative years, we work with your child to build a strong foundation for them to thrive in future and help them to discover their interests.

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Primary-English-Tuition-Icon Home

Primary English

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Primary-Mathematics-Tuition-Icon Home

Primary Math

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Primary-Science-Tuition-Icon Home

Primary Science

Secondary Tuition

In our secondary tuition, teachers will focus upon enhancing understanding of concepts, encourage critical and logical thinking and accelerate learning. Students will be trained to learn by inquiry. Teachers will impart techniques to get students examination-ready. Distinction’s tried and tested strategies ensure students are exposed to multiple perspectives thereby enhancing their competencies.

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Secondary-English-Tuition-Icon Home

Secondary English

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Lower-Secondary-English-Tuition-Icon Home

Lower Secondary English

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Secondary-Math-Tuition-Icon Home

Secondary Math

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Lower-Secondary-Science-Tuition-Icon Home

Lower Secondary Science

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Secondary-Science-Tuition-Icon Home

Secondary Physics

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Secondary-Tuition-Chemistry-Icon Home

Secondary Chemistry

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Secondary-Biology-Tuition-Icon Home

Secondary Biology

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Secondary-Social-Studies-Tuition-Icon Home

Secondary Social Studies

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Secondary-POA-Tuition-Icon Home

Secondary POA

JC Tuition

Junior college classes are designed to enhance the power of thinking, challenge assumptions and learn to generate opinions through class discussions. Our passionate teachers will focus on reviewing the concepts, sharpening the skills and pushing the boundaries of students. They will work with each student to determine target areas of improvement and provide a structured practice environment.

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-JC-GP-Tuition-Icon Home

JC General Paper

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-JC-Mathematics-Tuition-Icon Home

JC Math

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-JC-Tuition-Chemistry-Icon Home

JC Chemistry

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-JC-Math-Tuition-Icon Home

JC Biology

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-JC-GEconomics-Tuition-Icon Home

JC Economics

Enrichment Programmes

Distinction conducts enrichment programmes that seek to enhance a student’s learning beyond the school syllabus. The classes are conducted in interactive ways that will make learning effective and enjoyable.

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Enrichment-Programmes-The-Writing-Room-Icon Home

The Writing Room

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Enrichment-Programmes-Decoding-and-Writing-Icon Home

Decoding & Writing

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Enrichment-Programmes-High-Achiever-Programme-Icon Home

High Achiever Programme

Distinction-Tutorial-School-Bishan-Ang-Mo-Kio-Tuition-Centres-Singapore-Enrichment-Programmes-Boot-Camp-for-JC2-General-Paper-Icon Home

Boot Camp for General Paper JC 2

Be inspired to learn and achieve success with our tutors

Distinction employs a team of highly competent and committed teachers (including current and former teachers and university lecturers) with many years of teaching experience.  Our teachers enjoy extending their roles as coaches and advisers and have been associated with us for many years.

Our tutors are vigilant to the changes in the curriculum and the emphasis. Our curricula are constantly refined to ensure contents stay current and relevant.

Hear from our students

We express our admiration and appreciation for students who persevered to achieve their learning goals at Distinction Tutorial School.

My time at Distinction is quite fun and informative - The teacher is knowledgeable and explains thoroughly. The curriculum is very well thought out with extensive coverage on current affairs and global issues.

Seah Xin Yu


Nan Hua High School

April 2018


The teacher is Awesome! A caring teacher who has lots of experience and knowledge to share.The lessons are of high quality and very relevant to my daily life. It can be used appropriately in school. My time at Distinction has been great, very fruitful and enriching. My time spent is worthwhile as it really helps me in enriching my English language and my vocabulary. I am glad that I have chosen Distinction to pave my road to success!

Jordan Chang
Chung Cheng High School
April 2018

My English tuition experience at Distinction Tutorial School- 3 words to sum up my experience at Distinction! Fun, Engaging & Diverse! My teacher keeps up to the latest happenings around the world and organizes her lessons accordingly. This has helped to vastly expand my knowledge and kept me up to date. My perspectives on current affairs and global issues have certainly been enhanced. I am grateful for that! Despite a long 1O hours in school, I am still able to stay focused and attentive at Distinction due to variety of activities, attempt to engage each student and entertaining videos. Lively debates and visually-engaging lessons make the lessons come alive. This is idealistic - Having Fun while learning!

Xin Jia
April 2018

I joined Distinction in May 2017. I love attending classes at Distinction. Teacher is very energetic and passionate; lessons are challenging ― infusion of engaging elements through fun and interactive activities. Distinction’s curriculum provides many platforms for self-discovery and personal enrichment. Distinction prepared me well for my school exams with extra curriculum ― more than what my school teaches!

Sylvester To


P5 Ace in English

November 2017


I believe there is something magical about Distinction―My 2 kids are so drawn to the center. I was highly recommended to Distinction by my university classmate at the year-end university-alumni gathering. I was scouting for a tuition center for English and Social Studies to prepare for my son’s O Level exam and my daughter for Lower Secondary - Language Arts and History. Their grades have been mediocre in school. Both joined Distinction in March 2017 and after attending Distinction, they have improved by leaps and bounds in their mid-year examination. Distinction’s tutors are always engaging and they go above and beyond the call of duty to teach with passion, commitment and excellence. The tutors taught them the necessary skills to overcome the challenges in their examinations! Thanks Distinction!

Mrs June Lee


Parent of Josiah and Jolene

November 2017


Highly recommended by my mum’s friend, I joined Distinction for Ace in English and Social Studies in March 2017. Ever since, I have gained considerable confidence in these two subjects. Distinction’s teacher displayed tremendous dedication and extramural excellence, which fueled my passion for learning. My Social Studies’ score has improved from F9 to A1 for which is a tremendous feat given a short time frame at Distinction! Distinction has well surpassed my expectations!

Josiah Lee


O level student

November 2017


Joining Distinction has deepened my thinking and broadened my perspective on various issues. Not only have I expanded my vocabulary, I have also picked up essential comprehension strategies and effective techniques in preparing for my A level examinations. Lessons are lively, engaging and content rich, with good coverage of general knowledge and current affairs. Appreciate the dedication, guidance and valuable advice from Distinction’s GP tutor. I would highly recommend students who struggled with GP to join Distinction!

Ng Shuen Jin


Hwa Chong Junior College


Distinction GP student

November 2017


Scale the heights with Distinction

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